Elevating a playful and artisanal popsicle shop. Olufs' rebranding, packaging, illustration and digital strategy

Olufs is a popsicle shop located in the neighborhood of Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark. The shop offers freshly made, Italian artisan quality popsicles, and was named after the street it is located on, Olufsgade. In this case study we attempt to showcase a strategic rebranding, with the creation of a cohesive brand identity for Olufs, and an improvement of the phygital experience and presence through new website, and a playful packaging design.

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logo design, branding, visual identity, packaging design, logo presentation branding for handmade leather bags

To develop an effective strategy, Brandiaq conducted in-depth research to gain a deep understanding of the market, consumers, and Olufs' existing brand. We evaluated what the business and brand stood for, identified the unique value that it brings to the market, analyzed the brand's current positioning in the market, and considered how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the business and its customers. Based on the research findings, we created a strategy action plan for Olufs' rebranding and digital strategy.

branding for leather goods shop

Brandiaq's brand strategy for Olufs aimed to harness the brand's unique selling points and create a different point of focus to differentiate it from its competitors. We aimed to keep the brand relevant and appealing to its ideal customers, with a playful and youthful yet classy approach. The creative direction centered on portraying Olufs as an artisanal brand with a fun twist.

We developed a brand identity that reflected the brand's playful and youthful personality while highlighting its unique selling points. The wordmark logo featured an incorporated popsicle as the letter "U," which allowed for the logo icon to stand alone or be part of the ensemble. Brandiaq also designed a badge that could be used in situations where the wordmark would not fit or if a more playful or casual approach was needed.

branding for leather goods shop webshop design, ux, ui, logo design, branding, visual identity
branding for leather goods shop webshop design, ux, ui, logo design, branding, visual identity

To enhance the brand's playful and youthful personality, Brandiaq incorporated hand-drawn illustrations throughout the website that reflected the brand's values. These illustrations were also used on the packaging for Olufs' popsicles, adding a unique touch to the product.

web design, branding
webshop design, ux, ui, logo design, branding, visual identity
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