Brand identity and visual communication for Mama Africa

Mama Africa is a non-profit organization focused on building up African women by creating awareness, providing education, and promoting disease prevention. The organization's mission is to empower African women to recognize their value, beauty, and purpose in life, thereby creating leaders among women and inspiring others to take the path of education.

Work we did

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The organization approached us to help with brand positioning, visual communication, brand identity, visual identity, and creative direction. This case study outlines the work we did and the results we achieved.

Before we began the project, we conducted extensive research into Mama Africa's mission, goals, and target audience. We also looked at other organizations in the same space and analyzed their branding, messaging, and communication strategies. This research helped us understand the challenges facing Mama Africa and the opportunities available to the organization.

Brand Positioning

Based on our research, we developed a brand positioning strategy that focused on Mama Africa's mission to empower African women. We identified the organization's unique value proposition, which was to create leaders among women and inspire others to take the path of education. We also identified the target audience for Mama Africa, which was African women of all ages.

Visual Communication

To communicate Mama Africa's message effectively, we developed a visual communication strategy that included the use of vivid images and a simple, plain but direct message. We also chose colors that evoked a feeling of belonging and related to African women all over the world.

To ensure that Mama Africa's brand identity was consistently applied across all communication channels, we provided creative direction to the organization's in-house team. We also developed guidelines to help the organization maintain brand consistency in the future. The new brand identity we developed for Mama Africa was well-received by the organization and its target audience. The new identity communicated Mama Africa's mission and values effectively and helped the organization stand out in a crowded space. The organization reported an increase in donations and volunteer support after the launch of the new brand identity. Mama Africa also reported an increase in engagement on social media channels after implementing the new visual communication strategy.

Since the launch of Mama Africa's new brand identity and communication strategy, the organization has seen a positive return on investment (ROI) in terms of increased brand awareness, engagement, and support. The new brand identity has helped Mama Africa to differentiate itself from other non-profit organizations and attract new donors and volunteers who are aligned with the organization's mission of empowering African women and promoting disease prevention.

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The new visual communication strategy has also increased the organization's visibility and impact, leading to increased awareness and education on the subject. As a result, Mama Africa has been able to reach more women in African countries and provide them with the knowledge and resources they need to protect their health and wellbeing. Overall, the new brand identity and communication strategy have had a significant positive impact on Mama Africa's mission and the lives of the women it serves. The organization has reported an increase in donations and volunteer support, as well as an increase in engagement on social media channels. These results demonstrate the value of a comprehensive branding strategy and the potential ROI that can be achieved by investing in a strong brand identity and communication strategy.

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