Branding for Lydtekniker Uddannelsen

Logo Design White on black background, and Logo Design Black on Yellow background, the visual Identity of Lydtekniker Uddannelse, part of their branding created by Brandiaq.
During this course, the students will work with official software and will have the tools to learn all the basics and much more in Pro Tools.
Minimalistic Brochure design that includes the logo Design as the visual identity, as part of the full branding made by Brandiaq.
Logo Design (Visual Identity) for Lydtekniker Uddannelsen, as part of the branding made for them by Brandiaq.
Presentation of the Logo and the Visual Identity for Lydtekniker Uddannelsen, as part of the branding made by Brandiaq
Examples of the Primary Logo Design and Secondary Logo design, as part of the visual Identity in the branding process made for LU by Brandiaq
Explanation of the Logo Design and Visual Identity as part of the branding created for Lydtekniker Uddannelsen by Brandiaq
If you ain't upping your game, you ain't winning
"I had no doubt that Brandiaq would do it again for us. They have done it in the past and they will have us as their clients forever. We're always coming back whenever we are launching another service or product, because the involvement in the process and the quality of what they deliver are extraordinary. They're not only excellent designers and strategists, but they are great at providing guidance. Every time we work with them we have an awesome experience and we end up with amazing branding."
- SVN, CEO Lydtekniker Uddannelsen
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